We’ve accelerated our clients’ business growth with various successful technology implementations in the following industries.


  • Results and Client Benefits
  • Fully integrated system with seamless data transfer between their operations and financial activities
  • Real-time costs analysis and tracking
  • Effective proactive management decision making and profitability improvement.
  • Budget analysis and reporting
  • Maintenance management
  • Risk management
Import & Export

  • Results and Client Benefits
  • Profits and customer satisfaction have increased nationally and internationally
  • With centralised real-time data and all functions across the various geographical areas being integrated, the business owners can conduct consolidated group financial reporting and ensure end-to-end governance of the entire business.
  • Controlled inventory management with accurately monitored stock, user-specific approved limits for purchasing stock and fixed assets has resulted in inventory savings, consistent stock levels and clamping down on internal fraud.
Private Sector
Waste Management

  • Results and Client Benefits
  • Manage the entire waste management process in line with regulatory requirements and safety data
  • Manage the entire fleet in terms of maintenance and routing
  • Track profitability per cash generating unit (trucks and skips)
  • Ensure fully integrated operations and finance functions
  • Ensure correct billing for applicable services
  • Gain full visibility over group operations and finances
  • Generate the necessary government reports